Greeting from the owner

Hi! Welcome to Hiroshima!

My name is Hiro Suwa, the owner chef of “HOME COOKING HARU” Restaurant, a.k.a. “Air Chef Hiro.” For those who don’t understand Japanese, let me explain briefly who we are in English.

Established in 2005, we offer traditional Japanese cuisine. Our specialty includes Japanese home cooking which you have little chance to enjoy at the typical Japanese restaurant.

You don’t have to worry about the communication in my restaurant because I can speak English very fluently. If you are brave enough, I recommend you to be treated with our original way in which you can communicate with us only in some Japanese words! I am sure you have very good time here.

A Little Bit of Everything

“A Little Bit of Everything” has been our concept since the opening in 2005. You will enjoy a little bit of everything in our Japanese home cooking menu. When you come alone, with your friends and family or with a large group of people you are always welcomed. “Air Chef Hiro” will provide excellent Japanese “omotenashi” service!

We serve “Omakase” foods (Daily specials) -  ①\1,000(some light foods) ②\3,000(a little more)

All drinks cost \500. Drink menus include draft beer, wine, Japanese Sake, and Non-alcoholic drinks such as Japanese tea and coke.
Enjoy our Japanese sake collection!

Enjoy some photos of our cooking!


Hiroshima-shi, Naka-ku, Ebisu-cho 2-13 1st Fl.

Find this roadside sign. Home Cooking Haru is located at the very end of the 1st floor.